Daniel Moe wearing Kamel

bone white, woven

kamel, woven

off white, boiled

peach, boiled

blue-bronze diagonal stripes, woven

zero waste wear for individuals

Circular wool wear based on a zero waste principle, by engineered design.

From the choice of material and the manufacturing process to a sustainable usage and circular thinking, we strive for sustainable manufacturing with minimal environmental footprint.

Inspired by art, and with an impulse driven experimental process, Moe creates unisex wear that explores the technical and cultural boundaries with innovative cutting of high-quality fabric.

Wool is a natural material, renewable and biodegradable, that keeps you warm and cool, is odor, dirt and wrinkle resistant.

Moe uses leftover wool fabric from across Europe and manufacture it in Borås, Sweden. We are investigating how to put Swedish wool to use – over thousand tons are wasted yearly! We are also working to expand the idea with local wool material and local manufacture to Barcelona, Spain.

showroom and shop

All garments, prototypes and experiments can be seen and bought in the store #InspoSTHLM in the Mood Galleria. Normally there are two unisex sizes s/m and m/l. However, you can also order a custom made version with personalized details.


Contact us for requests, orders or shipping details: orders@moe.se