avant-garde wear

Avant-garde wear

The fundament of Moe is a zero-waste principle from the choice of material and the manufacturing process to a sustainable usage and circular thinking.

Inspired by art, and with an impulse driven experimental creation process, Moe designs versatile and unisex wear that explores the technical and cultural boundaries with innovative cutting of classic style and high-quality wool textile.

Each article is hand made by experienced tailors in Stockholm, Sweden.


How it started

Daniel Moe had worked with patents and inventions for a decade and initiated a branding experiment in 2010: to create a brand within the competitive shirt business.

He had always thought that business shirts without a tie looked “truncated”, especially in combination with a jacket.

After numerous prototypes he had created something that could be worn under the jacket as a solitary piece, both in and out of office.

During the project it was also crystallized that sustainability was central in the continued development.



Every year over thousand tons of Swedish sheep wool is wasted according to an estimation by the Swedish Sheep Farmer Association.

Our vision is to create Swedish wear for a slow fashioned world.